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Blogging is exploding to a variety of activities crossing boundaries, microblogging, video response, and may be fuzzy about what it is- but it is more than software.

Are Blogs Are Dead
My cc licensed flickr photo! from the 2008 Northern Voice Conference

Blogs are Dead, eh?

Is it still a niche activity? NMC 2008 Organization Survey (114 organizations represented), less than 20% host blogging service, a quarter refer to external services, 20% do not support at all, 20% rely on what is in their CMS, not a significant change from 2007 survey.

Interesting Snippet
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Going Beyond “Cat Diaries” Blogware as Publishing Platforms

We use WordPress at NMC as a publishing platform:

2009-horizon-report The Personal Web appears in the 2009 NMC Horizon Report on the two to three year horizon for mainstream adoption.

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Tension of what is available inside our organizations vs outside- risk of growing less relevant?


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January 8, 2009 at 4:04 pm

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  1. […] Put simply, he suggests that blogging is the act of web publishing, that “it is more than software.” Alan’s presentation also pointed to a recent NMC survey about blogs and blogging at […]

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