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At Penn State we’ve used Harvard’s Live Question Tool to help power and steer presentations quite a bit.  The tool allows anyone in the audience with a web browser to post questions live while a presentation is going on.  You can then vote on other questions to raise their potential value to the presenters.  We’ll have an instance running during our talk on Tuesday and invite you to use that Internet connection for good by asking new questions and voting on others.  If you are interested, you can add questions even before the session … I’ll also come back and answer any questions left after the session as well.  Check it out and help steer the presentation!


Live Question Tool

Live Question Tool


Written by Cole Camplese

January 18, 2009 at 11:44 am

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  1. […] forward to the questions that are generated by the group. We’re experimenting with the Live Question tool to aggregate and promote excellent questions for our talk with Esra’a. I learned about the […]

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